Welcome to Burns Tours Dumfries. Our Burns Tour is a must do for the Robert Burns enthusiast, or for anyone visiting Dumfries who would like to learn more about Scotland’s National Bard. It is a walking tour of around 1.5 miles, and will take approximately 2.5 hours, dependant on how long the guest wishes to spend at each venue.

Burns Tours Dumfries focuses primarily on Robert Burns and his time spent in Dumfries, but also includes other points of historical interest around the town.

Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Bard, moved to Dumfries from
Ellisland Farm in November 1791 until his death in July 1796 at the age of only 37 years.

Your Guide

Bobby Jess is a well known and popular Burnsian.  A winner of several Burns recital competitions.  He performs regularly at Burns Suppers across the Country.  Throughout the tour you’ll hear Bobby recite many verses of the Bard’s famous works.

Bobby Jess


£10 per adult
£5 per child over 12 years

(Children must be accompanied by an adult)

Group prices negotiable


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